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Leading people into a maturing new life in Jesus Christ

2013 – The Best of Times

2013 presents us a great opportunity as a church body. The possibility of reaching people for Christ is greater than it’s been for many years. Why so?

First, because we see God at work. Our prayers for the presence and power of God’s Spirit in our fellowship are being answered. We know this because people’s lives are being changed. This includes those who are new to our congregation as well as those of us considered — not only veterans at Edmonds Adventist, but — long-time followers of Jesus.

Second, there is a greater interest and openness toward God on the part of many in society. These are hard times — perhaps the most challenging since the great depression in the first half of the twentieth century. While facing such great difficulties brings out the evil in some, many others are looking for a source of hope greater than any earthly power. As economic, psychological and moral darkness cover the earth, people are reaching out for evidence of hope, for places of encouragement, for people who have something to be positive about.

Jesus is increasing his activity on this earth. He’s manifesting his love, his power and his goodness to all seeking a greater source of peace than humanity can possibly provide. The Spirit is poised to carry out the Father’s will in ways we cannot dream of. And while Jesus’ victory is secure — while the completion of God’s rulership on earth is not dependent on any one of us — we have the great honor to both grow in the Spirit’s power and reveal Christ’s goodness as we serve others.

During 2013, our aim is to be a light in our community, a source of help and hope to anyone open to receive. We want to do this in a practical way and I know God’s Spirit will continue to show and lead us in how to make his Presence real.

So while some might consider it the worst of times, let’s count it the best of times. God is active and we can join in. If we grasp the opportunity, we’ll see God do things which cannot possibly come from anyone other than the source of life.


Contributed by Pastor Larry Zuchowski

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