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Raise $70,000 for a new roof by June? Sounds daunting!!!


Bolivian President Evo Morales releases 70,000 baby turtles into the San Pedro River (Fox, 2016)

Let’s take a moment to think about what 70,000 looks like. In binary code it looks like this: 10001000101110000…pretty intimidating. In Roman Numerals it looks like this: lxx…not so intimidating. According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging the average person has about 70,000 thoughts per day (Imaging). Who would’ve thought? The picture (at right) shows Bolivian President Evo Morales releasing 70,000 baby turtles into the San Pedro River on December 21st, 2016 (Fox, 2016). I’ll bet you never wondered what 70,000 baby turtles look like…but now you know.

So what does $70,000 look like to Edmonds Adventist Church? Well…if 70 people were to donate $1000 each, we would be able to afford the new roof. If 140 of us contributed $500 each, the new roof would be paid for. $500 might seem like a lot of money, and it is. But it really only amounts to $50 per month for ten months—less than $1.70 per day. Of course, we don’t actually have ten months to wait. We need to have the roof replaced over the summer, before the fall rain sets in. If most of us would be willing to set aside just $2.50 per day through the end of June, we would be close to our goal of $70,000. And while some can afford to contribute more–and others less–nothing is impossible for God. $70,000 by June might sound formidable, but if we each step out in faith and give just a tiny bit more than we think we can manage, God will bless our commitment and multiply our giving in ways we can’t yet imagine.



  • Times the human heart will beat in a little over 14.5 hours (at 80 beats/minute)
  • Drops of water to make 3 quarts
  • Number of plain M&Ms in 140 1-pound bags
  • Almost three trips around the Earth’s equator (in miles)
  • Calories in 189 Taco Bell bean burritos
  • Calories in 1,750 Oreo cookies
  • The number of dotted white lines on the highway between Edmonds and Boise, ID
  • The number of words on 140 single-spaced pages of text

All of the above are estimates
based on non-scientific research



As we go to print, $4,206 has already been donated.
Only 10000000100000010 (binary) to go!

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Contributed by Kathy Stephenson

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