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Church Roof Fundraiser

Dear Church Family:

As I have been pondering ways to contribute to our roof fund, the idea occurred to me to inquire if there would be any interest among our church body, or its connections, in homemade, cozy, cuddly, extra soft baby blankets/lap throws.

crochet-baby-blanketAnyone interested would place their order, choosing their own colors, and I will happily crochet the order right away. Depending on the volume of orders, it will generally take 1-2 weeks for delivery. I am eager to see how the Lord will make this investment project grow.

Your $50.00 donation will cover the cost of the yarn and add $30.00 to the roof fund with each blanket purchased. Please contact me (Deb Seaver) to place your first order.


Contributed by Deb Seaver 

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