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Leading people into a maturing new life in Jesus Christ

Communication Guidelines

These are the ways in which the Edmonds Adventist Church communicates to try to reach people wherever they are seeking. The Communications Team ( will be able to direct your announcement or content to any of the following as long as your request is received by Monday by 10am prior to the weekend.

  1. Bulletin
  2. Lobby slideshow of Announcements
  3. Lobby Bulletin Board/CommUnity Center
  4. Newsletter – see schedule below
  5. Church Calendar
  6. Website
  7. Facebook
  8. Email blasts – Sign up to receive them here.
  9. Conference calendar – we can only publicize our own church sponsored events that are relevant to more than just the Edmonds Adventist Church community. If you are another Adventist organization, you may enter your own event info at the Washington Conference Promotion Page
  10. *Text – no spamming
  11. *Verbal announcements

* Extremely rare. Urgent information only.

File Guidelines

For all written forms of communication, we can accept most forms of word processing documents including all Microsoft and Adobe generated files.

Photos or imagery that accompanies your content would be greatly appreciated. File types for images should be TIFF, EPS, PNG, GIF, PDF, or JPG format and a resolution of 150 dpi (minimum) to 300 dpi (maximum).

For onscreen presentation, images only need to be 72 dpi with a minimum size of 1024 pixels  x 768 pixels.

For content that is to be viewed during any of our services on screen, we can accommodate PowerPoint, Keynote, or ProPresentor 3 for Mac OS 10.5.8.


Newsletter Content Schedule

All content is subject to edit.

General deadline: 12-15th of each month.

Issue General Theme Absolute Deadline
April Spring 3/23/2017
May School/Graduations 4/20/2017
 June  Summer 5/18/2017