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Nowadays we have so many tools to keep in touch with each other.

I remember when I had to place a phone call from academy to my dad, who lived only 350 miles away, and it would take from 3 to 8 hours to go through! Can you imagine that? It only took 5 hours to drive that same distance.

Today we have a new view of what it means when we say that everyone across and around the world can hear the news in an instant or even as it is happening…

Today I can email my dad and get a response as fast as I can type. I can call him on “Skype” and see him thousands miles away in his study as I am making sure I’m not in my pajamas or without my hair combed.

And all this technology has progressed in my life time. I wonder how I functioned without a cell phone … But sometimes all these advance tools shut down and we are disconnected. This happened at home with my internet a few weeks ago. I felt cut off from the world for an entire week! No emails, no updates, couldn’t look up things at a touch of a key. I had to go back to real books to find the information.

Today, I also know of a system that never fails. You can be connected in an instant. And this Father in heaven always listens clearly with no interference or cut-outs. There is no delay. I don’t have to be plugged-in or worried about a battery going low because He is my energy. He is my comfort.

There are no glitches with our connection through prayer.


By Evelyn Sittner-Callau, from the January 2012 Issue of The Good News Letter

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