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Counterfeit Money Alert

Counterfeit bills appear to be on the rise again. Recently some of it filtered through the weekly offering here at Edmonds Adventist Church.

Below are some things you can watch for when accepting/distributing cash.


Hold the bill up to the light and look for a few simple security features that are the hardest to fake.

  1. Security thread/plastic strip with the amount of currency spelled out vertically on the bill.
  2. A watermark of the portrait on the face of the bill will be in the right hand side.
  3. Color shifting ink
  4. With a magnifying glass, you may look for colored fibers embedded in the paper.
  5. There are many other detectable security features that you can seek out if interested, but finally, run your fingernail over the portrait’s vest on the bill. You should feel distinctive ridges, printers cannot reproduce this.

Get a “Know Your Money” Report:

Counterfeit Markers don’t always work: See YouTube Demonstration


  1. Thanks for sharing the link on how to spot counterfeit bills.

    • Absolutely, glad we could help.

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