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Divine Appointments

Sometimes God sends us on missions with no promise of divine encounters. On Sunday May 7th, Roy and Bill rode the famous “3 Pass Ride” with a stop at the Red Horse Diner and then the ABATE motorcycle show in Ellensburg.

The 3 Pass Ride is a frequently traveled route over Stevens, Blewett and Snoqualmie passes by motorcyclists in the summertime. I’ve traveled it many times in past years while riding with the local HOG chapter.

We mingled with several bikers, and Roy stopped at a leather sewing vendor to transfer patches from one vest to a new vest. After a bit of time, and after Roy picked up his new vest, we jumped back on the Harleys and took a short ride over the freeway to the location where the ABATE motorcycle show
was staged. We pulled in and parked the bikes, and immediately a CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) member wandered over from their booth to talk to us. He was with other CMA members from Yakima who know Adventists there. Roy gave some SKMM tracts to him so he could take them to Yakima and distribute them to the Adventists he knew. Hmmm, a divine moment? You see, we’ve been praying for some time for a way to access Adventists east of the mountains to share our ministry mission, and perhaps find like-minded Adventist motorcycle riders that might have the passion to start a SKMM chapter of their own, and ride for Christ in Eastern Washington.

Divine Appointment? Roy and I think so!


Contributed by Bill Lusk

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