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Everybody Loves a Party

Everybody loves a party, and we are going to have a big one here at Edmonds Adventist Church. It’s still half a year away, but that isn’t very long for the kind of preparation we need to make for this to be a very special party.

The weekend of December 2, 2017 is celebration weekend! This is the Sabbath closest to the date that the Edmonds Church family moved into its present facilities which we continue to enjoy. The year was 1972, making this the 45th anniversary of our current home.

Here is a brief history of our congregation:

  • January 3, 1954—The first service of a new company met in the Mountlake Terrace Baptist Church
  • Fall, 1954—The congregation was organized into a church
  • ?—At some point, the congregation outgrew the Baptist Church and began meeting in the Methodist Church
  • 1966—The congregation purchased the present land, 3.7 acres for $35,000
  • Thanksgiving 1968—Groundbreaking was held for the present facilities
  • Thanksgiving 1972—The congregation moved into the present facilities
  • Thanksgiving 1975—The present church structure was dedicated, debt free

It is the 1972 date we will celebrate this year.

Our church board will begin the planning process for our party right away. We will have a special worship service on December 2, as well as other events throughout the weekend. But, in addition to the official planning, every church member can help with the following:

Do you have any old pictures of church activities? We will want to put together a history, probably in video form, of the last 45 years. In fact, we will want to include earlier activities before our life in the present building. If you have old pictures, documents, or other memorabilia, please share them with us! We will get them back to you. We can even scan them as you watch if you don’t want to take
the chance of loaning them to us.

Do you know people who used to attend and have moved away, or are no longer attending? Please contact them and let them know about the party. We would love to fill the church and let our former members see what is happening now. Who knows, some who haven’t actually moved from the area may decide to come back.

Please also join us in praying that this will be more than just a party, but that it will, indeed, be a celebration for the Kingdom of God.

Finally, by all means, make sure that you will be here for the 45th anniversary celebration of our beautiful church facilities!


Contributed By Pastor John Brunt

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