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By Steven Rogers

Every day I awake being aware of your presence.
Every day I affirm my obedience to you and your will.
Every day I count my blessings and praise your grace and love overĀ me.
Every day I vow to make a difference.
Every day I look for my purpose.
Every day I see your work on our relationship.
Every day I pray for forgiveness.
Every day I am forgiven and need to forgive others.
Every day I need to grow closer to you so I can see theĀ father.
Every day I thank you for EVERY day!
I try to start off each day when I awake with something positive, affirming my walk with our father. I have experienced Satan working on me even in my sleep. Scary, huh?
I wrote this, not sure if you would call it a poem,… maybe a mantra or affirmation or maybe just wanting to be right with the Lord.
In any case, I wanted to share a creative moment of appreciating my personal walk and starting the day off well. Please enjoy!

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