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I have known Victor for most of his life. When he was four, he liked to come sit next to me in church. He did that so often, church members mistakenly thought he was my son. He’s become a tall, strong young man now – 17 years old. But the best news I’ve gotten about him in the last year is that he still has all the parts of his fingers! Let me explain what I mean by that:

I moved to Washington State in April of 2014. In January of 2015 I was invited to be part of a “40 days with God” study time at a friend’s home in Edmonds, Washington. Something happened to me during that time. I began to be aware of the Presence of God in a way that I had never known before. After that, it was like God began to show up in my life in unexpected ways. I found that God would let me know how I could pray for others for healing, and when I would pray, they would get better or be healed.

Well, last summer, in May of 2016, I received a call from Bertha. She and I go way back. We’ve been good friends for many years and she lives in the same area that Victor does. She has kept me up-to-date on what’s happening with several of my friends who live in the area. But this call was not good news.

Victor, who was 16 then, had gone to work with his dad and had decided to use an electric saw that he had not received training for. His dad was not around at that moment, and he figured it would be ok to use it. But the saw was too powerful, and too fast, and his left forefinger got in its path. Another coworker picked up the severed piece of Victor’s finger and rushed him to the hospital. He was taken into surgery and the top phalange was reattached to his finger.

Unfortunately, it did not take. After several weeks, the attached portion had begun to turn black in color. The doctor said the tissue had turned necrotic, which means that it is dying or has died. The doctor was considering amputating the finger at the phalange so that the rest of the finger would not be affected by the necrosis. This is when I got the phone call from Bertha.

I immediately called Victor and, although he was happy to hear my voice, I could tell he was scared. He told me he didn’t want to be “mocho”. That’s a Spanish word that means you are a “finger cripple”. And I said, “No, Mijo, there’s no reason for that to happen. We will be praying for the complete health of your finger. It’s going to be ok!”

I called Bertha and told her to pray; I went looking for my neighbor – a prayer warrior – and the two of us prayed for healing for that finger. We were praying that life would come into his finger and that there would be no need for amputation.

The doctor had scheduled Victor to come in for debridement in two days – that means that they scrape off all the dead tissue – after that he would decide how much and where to amputate. The day before the scheduled surgery, the doctor had another emergency to attend to and the appointment had to be rescheduled ahead for two more days. We kept on praying.

fingersOn the day of his surgery, the debridement took place, and what the doctor saw was pink, living tissue under the black necrotic tissue. He decided to wait a week and see if the living tissue would continue to grow.

A week later the skin was growing back; there was no infection, and no necrosis—and no amputation!

Today, Victor’s finger is intact – he even has a fingernail!

Here’s what I think:
–God cares about fingers.
–He can turn necrotic tissue into living tissue.
–He lets us participate in the healing through our prayers.
–Lots of people are praising Him!

I like that.


Contributed by Marisol Gavino (interview and translation by Lettie Hylarides)

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