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Giving Affords Financial Refocus

I’m going to go out on a limb here to say that, I don’t like getting gifts as much as I love giving them. In my childhood, birthdays and holidays didn’t have the never ending supply of gifts that one might see on television, so that was never the focus. Oh, you better believe, we enjoyed Christmas and birthdays just as much as anyone. Each special day, it is a reminder to give because we had been blessed so much (and not always financially). It was a reminder of the kindness and generosity given to us when we did not feel we had much to give.

I love this definition of giving: To present voluntarily and without expecting compensation.

You may ask what this has to do with anything at this time of year especially, it’s not Christmas time and besides we are all due for some vacation and pampering, right?

Truly mature and successful people understand the concept of giving. Trust me, I have been selfish in my life, however, there is nothing like the gratification giving provides.
In “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, he states, “You must provide for yourself first, so that you can help others later.” He goes on to describe the Havdalah service that asks God to bless their families and wealth. They recite this service over a cup of wine that runs over into the saucer beneath.

This overflowing cup symbolizes the intention to produce during the week ahead not only sufficient to fill one’s own cup, but also an excess that will overflow for the benefit of others.

In other words, bless me so I can have sufficient to give away to others.

I was sent this poem in an email last Christmas and felt it was fitting here. I hope you enjoy it:


What can be gained is not the test
of whether this plan or another is best.
But, “What can I give?” is the answer to ask
“How can I serve?”, “Allow me the task!”
Let me not falter, but actively seek
the wandering one whose conscience is weak.
And give of my bounty as generously as the
Savior has lavished attention on me.
When the heart overflows with the joy of living
the inexhaustible stores of the Lord are for giving.

Poem by
Polly Anne Fairchild


Adapted from JP Marrs, Sales Minute Blog – “Giving” (12/15/2011)
Contributed by Kathy Kinney for The Good News Letter, June 2012 issue.

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