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Herb Montgomery: “The Jesus Dialogue”

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“The Jesus Dialogue” is a different kind of event that takes an honest look at the person of Jesus, what he taught, and the difference between following a religion versus following a person.

Finding the Father

Finding the Father
by Herb Montgomery

We are privileged to host Herb Montgomery, of Renewed Heart Ministries and author of “Finding the Father”. He will present “The Jesus Dialogue” series during the week of Mon-Fri, Nov 5-9, at 7pm nightly and speaking during our worship service on Saturday morning, Nov 10.

You won’t want to miss any of these presentations!

“The Jesus Dialogue” was born out of a six hour conversation Herb had with a gentleman he met on plane who said, “I believe there is a God, I have no interest in Christianity, but I am intrigued by this person named Jesus.” This series is an honest look at the difference between following a religion versus following the person Jesus Christ. The more familiar folks become with what Jesus taught and what His kingdom was all about, the more that many of them begin to question how modern Christianity even fits into this. If you feel drawn toward Jesus, but have a hard time with “Church” you are not alone. This series has helped many become a follower of Jesus without having to embrace the teachings and practices of a Christianity that today is what they feel to be anything but “like Jesus.”


Come check out our services and receive a free copy of Herb’s book “Finding the Father” while supplies last.

For more information contact the church office at 425-771-5302.

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  1. I was able to attend several nights of this series at Lake Tahoe a few months ago. I cannot recommend it more highly!! It is truly life-changing!!

  2. Herb’s book “Finding the Father” spoke to my heart like no other book I have ever read. I have listened to “The Jesus Dialogue” from his website and have been blessed beyond words. I have never heard a speaker that presents the scriptures with such insight and relevancy for today’s world like Herb. If you want to love like Jesus, “The Jesus Dialog” is the best place to start! Come and listen, you will be amazed!

  3. What a wonderful series! The message is both convicting and heart warming, to know the true character of our loving creator is just that! LOVE! A most powerful and pertinent message, and priority over any others that I have heard recently.

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