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Jesus’ Prosperity Gospel

Imagine being so rich you’re unable to comprehend the full value of your wealth. 

I’m not a numbers guy, but as I write these words the U.S. national debt is $15,446,910,160,283.48. Can you comprehend that number? I can’t. I need someone who’ll reframe it for me with a simple illustration.

National Debt as of 2/6/2012

Here’s some good news that’s easier to grasp: If you’re a passionate follower of Jesus you’re richer than you can possibly fathom or express!

The apostle Paul speaks of the “unsearchable riches of Christ” he was given to share with others (Eph 3:8). That english word “unsearchable” comes from a greek word meaning “impossible to discover or understand on the basis of careful examination or investigation.”

What would you do if you found a Priceless Pearl

In other words, the depth of the value of making Jesus first in our lives isn’t something we can figure out. It can’t be expressed in a number and isn’t about silver or gold. It’s a spiritual reality made known to those “having the eyes of your hearts enlightened” (Eph 1:18) by the Spirit of Christ.

One of great stories Jesus tells to illustrate the nature of God’s kingdom is about a business man. This merchant finds a pearl of such great value he immediately sells everything he owns to purchase it (Matt 13:45-46).

Jesus is that pearl. Learning to live our lives with Jesus is a value incomprehensible to the human intellect. Many of us live years before we allow God’s Spirit to shine “in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor 4:6).

The “good news of the kingdom” (Matt 4:17) is this: As we learn to live our lives in the presence of Jesus we’ll be given immeasurable and inexhaustible treasures within. We’ll experience unconditional acceptance and complete security. Our joy will be so full we won’t be able to stop expressing it or to keep it from overflowing.

That’s why Jesus says, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way, just as the Scripture says” (John 7:37-38 MSG).

That’s the kind of prosperity gospel I want to experience. How about you?


Contributed by Pastor Larry Zuchowski

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