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Justin Hylarides Update

Emailed April 11, 2012 – Chad, Africa

JustinDear family and friends,

It is slightly incomprehensible to me that I have two months left in Africa, and I have mixed feelings about my short time left. In fact, I’ve already ditched my wristwatch, which was a constant hourglass. I am resolved at least to make the most of my remaining time.

I think every letter I have described various transitions, but I can firmly conclude that this coming week will be a milestone. Namely, James is leaving for the states Tuesday. We have been on the brink of the clinic being given permission to open, which this hope continues in James’ absence. I understand that the two volunteer surgeons are still scheduled to work in Moundou (the first arrives tomorrow!), so we continue to seek your prayers on the clinic’s authorization as well as safe travels for James. Additionally, tomorrow morning I will be joining James on a trip to eastern Chad to the village of Abeche, where I look forward to checking out developing medical projects in Chad.

The clinic has been functional for weeks, though the projects sometimes seem endless. This past week, we were able to create ten new hospital beds from our remaining metal supplies. The beds are simple, granted, but I consider them an enormous success within our context. The rest of my work seemed to fit in the ‘minor projects’ category, and weeks have passed still hampered by Chadian bureaucracy. I will be left in charge of remaining electrical and building projects, but we have high hopes of a functional clinic within the next couple of weeks, God-willing.

I still look forward to a short rendezvous in Kenya, Africa the 3rd of June. Several of you may have been involved in fundraising projects for the Masaii tribes, and I will be investigating the actual work being done there.

Anyway, I’m very grateful for all of you, and I know you’re prayers have carried with me. It’s incredible to me how many varieties of machines, tools and materials I’ve worked with here, and still have not been injured to any serious extent. I hope you all are well, and I do look forward to seeing many of you soon.


Justin Hylarides

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