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Over the months leading up to his move to Carson City; Jim Allen and I discussed his thoughts on being an active part of the Edmonds church ministry through his role in the computer department. Jim was an incredibly detail oriented Computer Operator and coordinated the other operators with ease and an attitude of servitude that won’t easily be filled.

In an email from Jim in December 2011 regarding the computer ministry, he said: “I REALLY ENJOY being involved in the computer ministry at Edmonds Adventist Church. I am the kind of person that likes to be involved, but not in a highly public way.  I don’t particularly enjoy “tooting my horn” in front of everyone so to say, so the computer ministry is ideal for me.  As a matter of fact, when I train people I always say to them that “if they notice you at all, then that’s not good.”  I get tremendous satisfaction from knowing on a personal level that I am involved so critically in the worship service, yet no one “sees me”. In some ways, the computer operator is performing along with the praise team and I enjoy being able to do that when I have no musical ability whatsoever.  Additionally, a critical part of the computer ministry is the ability to improvise on the fly and rapidly adjust appropriately in order to avert disaster or minimize damage when technical problems occur (as invariably happens occasionally). I have a lot of experience from my previous jobs as well as a gift from the Holy Spirit of being able to keep my head in tricky situations and make appropriate rapid decisions that are focused on the whole outcome rather than individual issues.  In short, I feel very fulfilled by this position and feel that I am serving where the Lord wants me to be and am following the Holy Spirit in my life.”

Jim will be greatly missed as a friend and part of our church community.  I know Jim and I both continue to pray that if the Holy Spirit is calling you to get involved in any ministry, that you won’t hesitate. Every person with their unique perspective and gifts can contribute in the kingdom.

– Kathy Kinney, Computer Operator Coordinator

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