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Leading people into a maturing new life in Jesus Christ

Taste and See

One of my mother’s specialty deserts was lemon meringue pie. They were always lemony but never sour, with a pleasing sensation of sweetness without being too sugary. And then there was the crust — light, flaky, delicious!

These pies also looked really good. The meringue swirled up two and a half to three inches high with a creamy light brown patina. And when my mother placed a piece on my plate the body of that pie was just firm enough not to run. My Father and I were spoiled. Lemon pies would show up a church pot-lucks and some were good, but few measured up — either in looks or in taste.

A few years ago Gloria and I were sitting in a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, and there it was — the biggest piece of lemon pie ever — over seven inches high from crust to crown with four and a half inches of meringue. I know because I ordered a piece and measured it. I also tasted it.

It looked so good, but was lemony-sour and sugary-sweet. The only reason I finished it was because I knew I had to pay for it. How my perception of that pie changed once I tasted it. The next time we were in that restaurant a piece was delivered to the table next to us. I salivated, but not in a good way. All I could do was look away.

David invites us to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Ps 34:8). ‘Taste’ refers to experiencing God for ourselves. Most people ‘see’ God based almost entirely on what they’ve been told about God by others — whether it is the claims professed followers of God themselves or the portrayal of such people by the media.

The vast majority of people in the United States today will say they believe in a god, but polls indicate only a small percentage are seeking an experiential-interactive relationship. The result is often that most people, even professed Christians, do not know God. They have not ‘tasted,’ either because they do not know they can or because they don’t know how.

Do we know how to experience the living God? In 2013 our church will remain committed to leading people in maturing new life in Jesus Christ. This means learning together to experience a full and rich relationship with God in Christ — through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit — and offering such a ‘taste’ to others.


Contributed by Pastor Larry Zuchowski

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