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Thank You Edmonds Community!

Couponing for Food Banks
Photo by Jennifer Bardsley

Our thanks to the Edmonds community for your support in our recent food drive! You consistently rally around the kids to demonstrate that serving others can be totally cool! They are so energized when they see the truckloads of food they get to be a part of donating because of all those who gave. Of the 380 bags that were distributed in our community, 96 bags of food were picked up with donations. A few families even asked for an early pickup due to parties they were hosting. Somehow in the trick-r-treating shuffle some donations were missed, yet in the following days bulk cases of food continued to appear at our church office from those who still wanted to contribute.

We were delighted to even see that one local blogger shared in a article how she was able to stretch her contribution by exercising her couponing skills. Thank you, Edmonds and church family, for caring enough to get creatively involved in supplying your local food bank while helping the kids to find creative ways of outreach.

Participating Youth members

Kevin Bullock, Djenne Dickens, Rebecca & Vickie Ashton, Grace & Johanna Strong

Youth leader

Jasmine Rodriguez with family support by Gilbert & Anna Rodriguez.

Using Coupons To Help Food Banks”, – Bardsley, Jennifer. (11/15/2012)

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