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The Jewelry Store

Señor David opened the jewelry store just like he had every other day this week without enthusiasm. Sales were down, his lonely days and nights without his family only served to deepen his melancholy. He was too old to start over, yet here he was in Cabo San Lucas, doing just that, while his wife and grown children and grandchildren were all far away.

He recalled the incident that had changed his reality – an abusive boss; a verbal  altercation; the escalation Laying-on-of-Hands-Religious of harsh words; a fist fight; a fall; and then a sprained wrist…he was lucky it wasn’t broken! He winced at the pain he still felt in his wrist. It had been months since it happened, months since he had taken this job in Cabo, months since he had left his home in Acapulco, months that felt like years. He was lucky to have found this position so soon after the incident, but it meant living far from home. Nevertheless there were bills to pay and ‘a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do’, right? He knew how to sell, his English was pretty good, Cabo had an excellent tourist market, and the new boss was a fair man. Still, Cabo was not home, and home was far away.

*Nancy and *Bob stepped off the plane in Cabo and felt the warm, salty air hit their faces and they smiled in anticipation of the therapeutic week to come. Home for them was Seattle, Washington and, so far, the winter had been unusually cold; plus, recent events in Bob’s life—the unexpected death and burial of his brother—begged the need for a change of venue and a change of pace.

It was the window display that caught Nancy’s eye. She wasn’t really looking for jewelry, but the display was tastefully done and the pieces looked beautiful. Once inside, it was clear that the price points were higher than what either of them was prepared to pay. Then she saw the pendant. It was simple, yet elegant, and not too expensive. “Hola, amigos, do you like the pendant? It’s a very unusual one and very beautiful. Would you like to try it on?” It was the salesman and, although Nancy did like it, she knew better than to try to bargain for it; she would leave that to Bob. He was a master at it and it wasn’t long before he struck up a conversation with the salesman.

While they bargained in the background, Nancy went inward to pick up a conversation she’d been having with the Holy Spirit: “Lord, I know You have an assignment for us here in Cabo; but it’s not clear to me what that is or who You want to touch. Help me to pick up on Your cues.”

“So what happened to your hand?” Bob asked the salesman. “Oh, I sprained my wrist a few months ago and it just hasn’t gotten better,” the salesman replied. “See how swollen it is?”
Nancy felt a stirring inside her and she moved towards the salesman. “Excuse me, what did you say your name was, and what happened to your wrist?”

“My name is David and, actually,” he added sheepishly, “what happened was probably my fault.” Without going into many details, he talked about a fist fight, then a fall and the subsequent sprain. His right wrist was twice the size of his left and it looked painful. He could not bend it at all without pain.

“Lord, this is our appointment; isn’t it?” Nancy asked the Spirit. The flutter in her stomach and the joyful excitement that she felt confirmed the truth. She decided to take a chance:
“Señor David, do you believe in God?”

“Oh, yes, I’m a Catholic,” he said proudly.

“Would you be willing for me to pray for your wrist to be healed?”

“Why, yes, of course I would.”

Nancy prayed a simple prayer asking the Spirit to touch David’s forearm and wrist and to remove the pain and inflammation. The doorbell chimed and several clients walked in. There was no time to say more.

“I will come by tomorrow and see how you’re doing,” said Nancy.

“I will be here,” said Señor David as he walked over to greet his new clients.

“Lord, was he able to receive Your healing?” asked Nancy as she and Bob left the store.

Señor David was sitting outside the jewelry store when they came by the next day. Before they arrived, Nancy had spotted a Velcro brace around Señor David’s wrist and her heart sank. It was not a good sign.

“How’s your wrist?” she asked.

“It’s the same,” he answered with a sigh.

“Señor David, we need to talk.” Nancy pulled up a chair and sat next to him as Bob stood nearby. “I have to ask you a few questions. You mentioned a fist fight and a fall; was there something about that fight that created resentment or bitterness or unforgiveness in your heart?”

“No, no; there was nothing like that! Everything’s fine,” he responded too quickly.

Nancy’s voice became quiet and earnest: “Señor David, the Lord Jesus loves you sooo much. He knows all about you and your circumstances and He is able to heal you, but any of those things can block our prayers so that healing cannot happen.

David felt a tug on his heart – who was this lady? He felt vulnerable and exposed, yet somehow drawn to her words. His eyes welled up in spite of himself. “You’ve touched my heart,” he finally said as he wiped his eyes.

“Was there someone who hurt you that you need to forgive?” she gently asked.

“Yes, there is someone.” Then he told Nancy and Bob all about his former boss and the circumstances that had brought him to Cabo.

“Are you willing to forgive him the same way the Lord Jesus has been willing to forgive all of your sins?” Nancy asked.

“Yes,” he said, “yes, I am willing.”

Nancy led him in a prayer of forgiveness.  When they finished, she said. “Ok, now let’s talk to God about that wrist!” Once again she spoke a simple prayer of request and declaration for his healing.

“Señor David,” she asked, “how does your wrist feel now?”

He removed the Velcro brace and tried to move his wrist. “I can move it,” he said with surprise in his voice. “It feels better!”

“Thank you, Lord,” Nancy prayed, “for we know that what You start You always finish. Thank you for touching this man!”

A few days later, it was time for Nancy and Bob to go home. Before they left, they were able to stop by and see Señor David again. He greeted them warmly and showed them how well he could now move his wrist. Nancy gave him some contact information for a local Christian group where he could learn more about God – if he chose to do so. Nancy and Bob then prayed a prayer of blessing over him and asked God to work out his life circumstances so that he could find work soon in his hometown…I have a feeling God is going to answer that prayer too; don’t you agree?

* (Not their real names.)


Contributed by Lettie Hylarides, Cabo San Lucas; January, 2017

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