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The Kingdom vs. the Natural

I have been musing over the differences I am learning about the Kingdom of God (aka the Kingdom of heaven) and the Natural (what we humans experience through our five senses).  Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Okay, so what does that look like and what does that mean? There are a lot of definitions out there about what the “Kingdom” means, but the simplest one which made a lot of sense to me was Graeme Goldsworthy’s definition: The “Kingdom” occurs when “God’s people {are} in God’s place under God’s rule.”  The Kingdom is a place where all of God’s creation responds with thanksgiving and joy to God’s Sovereignty (His right to rule over everything).  So with those definitions in mind, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • In the Kingdom, God’s will is always done for the good of all; in the Natural, man’s will is done – some good, but mostly for selfish gain.
  • In the Kingdom, we receive everything we need; in the Natural, we strive to acquire our wants.
  • In the Kingdom, we attack the negative—it has no place in the Kingdom. In the Natural, the best we can do is get therapy.
  • In the Kingdom, we live from heaven to earth: We establish its atmosphere in and around our lives; in the Natural, we build towers and walls and create our own castles.
  • In the Kingdom, we communicate with the Godhead and learn to hear the whisper of the still, small Voice; in the Natural, we scorn the idea of anyone hearing directly from God (the truth is that the Bible actually says we are “deaf, dumb, and blind” because  “Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned…” [1 Cor 2:14]).
  • In the Kingdom we, and our work become eternal; in the Natural, we have one life to live . . . maybe.

Does this mean we don’t experience anything negative while living in the Kingdom?  Of course not, we are subject to the same forces and circumstances that are common to everyone. The difference is that when we live from the Kingdom we understand that God’s promises and provision exist alongside every circumstance we encounter and we can use them to our advantage; we get a double blessing for praising Him when there is no earthly reason to do so; we can step into our identity and authority as children of God against the enemy; and, we get to practice the fruit of the Spirit—which, wonder of wonders, actually turns every negative into a shortcut to becoming more like Jesus.

So . . . where do you want to live?


Contributed by Lettie Hylarides

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