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The Way God Does Things

"The God of Scripture is a person who mysteriously shows up in a burning bush..."

“The God of Scripture is a person who mysteriously shows up in a burning bush…”

Imagine you are given limitless power to take back a rebellious planet ruled by a renegade leader — an evil, personal entity who possesses great, yet much less power than you have. How would you go about it?

Recently I saw a two-hour documenta

ry on the events leading up to World War II. What spoke to me was the consuming desire of human beings for power along with our innate inability, once we have such power, to use it for good of others.

A human’s inclination is to use great power indiscriminately — to exert control as quickly as possible and to accomplish the goal with great force. Acting in this way partially accounts for the downfall of Germany, Italy and Japan in WW II.

Fortunately, the One who has all power is much wiser than his estranged creatures. God does not use power to intimidate us through forceful destruction. Instead it is used to win us back through mystery and love.

This doesn’t mean divine power has never been displayed in history as a great physical force. But it does mean that most of the time God works in a quiet and peaceful way behind the scenes to affect history through love. The late Dallas Willard refers to God’s ways as The Divine Conspiracy.

The God of Scripture is a person who mysteriously shows up in a burning bush in the middle of the desert or in “a still, small voice” in a mountain cave following a terrible earthquake. This is a God who comes to earth in a tiny village in a small country, born a human being so as to reach out to us in love in ways we can grasp.

Now that’s real power. Persuasive power. It’s the only way to really defeat evil while winning back the allegiance and love of humans — created beings who turn away from an uncreated God as we squander the power of choice we have been given.

In this God acting in this manner we have great hope. Think of it. A God who gives life by dying an unnoticed death on a hill outside Jerusalem in the first century of this era. Yet that quiet death and resurrection exert so much influence they change the very way many humans divide history — i.e the “first” century.

I’ve decided to experience the Christmas season of 2013 in peace, joy and confidence, resting in this knowledge: while the way God does things may not be my way, it’s always the best way. Will you consider doing the same?


Contributed by Pastor Larry Zuchowski

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