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Things Are Getting Real

"I wish Jesus could just appear."

“I wish Jesus could just appear.”

I was cuddling my 4-yr-old at bedtime tonight and I asked her if I could pray for her so that Jesus would help her to stay in her own bed all night.

She responded with, “I wish Jesus would just appear.”

Yeah… me too.  Can you imagine?  Just think about that for a minute….

If you’re not smiling right now; if you’re heart isn’t beating wildly at the idea; then let’s go to Jesus together and talk about it because that is a crazy, awesome thought that I don’t ever want to put down.

On Saturday, I had a few girlfriends over for lunch.  We were talking about the sermon and I made some comments about how I felt about it.  My friend Wendy said, “Okay, what if Jesus was standing right here in your kitchen, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah?

Okay, what she was saying was something lovely but I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence because I got distracted at the idea of my Best Friend standing in my kitchen.  I imagined Him there and my body ached to be held by Him.  I looked at the empty space where she pointed and daydreamed for a moment.

Can you imagine?  Jesus standing in my kitchen?  Honestly!  At such a thought, the unswept floor was invisible to me, the pile of dishes didn’t embarrass me, the yummy salad I was making lost it’s taste, as I thought about how beautiful it would be for Jesus to be in my kitchen.

Last week I went to a friend’s church for a fall social.  She was walking me around her church and we stopped to admire every beautiful painting in the hallways.  There was one particular painting that created a longing in my heart.  It was a painting of Jesus blessing one of his disciples.  Not standing above the discipline while they knelt; but a more intimate picture of Jesus leaning in toward the top of the disciple’s head while laying His hands on him.  It was beautiful!  And I remarked, “Wow, can you imagine being ordained by Jesus?!  With His hands touching your head?

Another friend recently said, “Even if you don’t go to Him because you’re sad . . . He’s running to you first, anyway.”  How do I not smile at such a vision?  I’m sitting on my couch, sad about this or that and thinking I should invite Jesus to join me and I see Him, running through walls, to get to my side.  His hair is blowing behind him because He is so fast!  His face is flushed and His breath is fast. He stands next to me and smiles, “You called?”  And then He laughs because He started running before I even remembered His name.

“Now, that’s silly,” you say.  “Jesus is always here.”  True that.  But I guess I forget sometimes.  But it is becoming more natural to remember.

Imagining Jesus or His presence is getting a little easier.  Feeling Him is becoming more familiar.  Hearing Him is unquestionable.  Do I always hear Him?  No.  But when I hear Him; I hear Him.  He is here.  His presence lingers and gets wedged into the little crevices of my room, behind the couch, in between the window blinds, in the weave of the blanket tossed over my legs.  Did you think I was talking about the room in my heart?  No way, José, I’m talking about my actual house-room.

We went on a retreat with the praise team this last month. We blessed the entire lodge! We called on the presence of Jesus to descend on the building itself so that whoever enters can know it was here. And in an attempt to solidify it (lest any evil minion claims it wasn’t real) I found their guest book and wrote, “The Spirit of God IS here“.

Recently I stood outside a home and literally prayed over it. The people inside were hurting; they were my friends and my heart ached for their pain.  I thought, Why not stand outside and put my hand on their door and pray for the whole house? How weird is that?  What is up with me that I am moved to do something like that?  So I prayed for a little while.  All of the sudden I felt an excited shiver encompass my hand.  It was cool, like a peppermint patty with a refreshing punch of extra fresh mint.  I opened my eyes and stared at my hand and then realized the cool ran up from my hand and into my body.  I was shivering because it was so cold outside!  I had been there for a little while and gotten cold.  I knew I shivered from the cold.  But for a moment, I had a glimpse of what kind of physical properties the Holy Spirit might be manifest. (Okay, that was a poorly structured sentence, grammatically speaking, and I can’t figure out how to fix it, but you get what I’m saying.)

It’s getting real.  Things are getting real up in here.  A good friend shared a Spirit-inspired prophesy with me the other day.  He said, “Things in our church are getting so real that people will no longer be able to fake it.”  He said it with more authority and more oomph.  You should have heard it.

It’s happening.  So get on board, and if you can’t get a board, get a shingle.  (That’s an old saying Joe’s grandpa used to recite all the time.)  It’s silly but it rings true.  I don’t care what part of the body of Christ that you grab; the arm, the knee, the hem of his pants; whatever.  Grab-on ’cause things are getting real and you won’t want to miss out.

Contributed by Carla Galusha.

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