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Ways You Can Help Your Christian Schools

Ben Ashton

Ben Ashton serving homeless as a part of a PSAA outreach effort.

The 2013-2014 school-year for Adventist Schools begins this month (August) if it hasn’t already begun.  We invite each church member to think about ways that you could support Christian education at Cypress and Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA).

PRAYER – become a prayer partner.  Positive things happen when God’s people pray.  Pray for teachers and students.

VOLUNTEER – consider how you might be a volunteer at the school.  For ideas see the July Gleaner article about volunteers at Cypress and the impact that they made.  The first step to becoming a volunteer is to complete a WA Conference background screening form.  Call or email Cypress/PSAA and they’ll send one.

SUPPORT – our single greatest need is financial support for our Education Assistant (student scholarship) fund. We appreciate your continued generosity over the years.

BEFRIEND – notice and become friends with the child-student population of all ages.  Remember, the greatest gift you can give a child or a young person is a “gift of time.”

science dept

Kids enjoying the science department at
Cypress Adventist School


Cypress students, Jayden and friend, show their varying shades
of “enthusiasm” for the camera.

Right now in August, Cypress could use some summer help from an electrician and some tree trimming, window washing. The Cypress PTO (parent support group) is planning a Sunday Work Bee in August. Watch for announcements.  If you have free time, call and offer some help.  425-775-3578.

Finally, ask God to show you how you can be a supportive partner to the great enterprise of Christian education.

Edmonds Adventist Church has made a commitment to help with “Education Assistance” to two students. One will be 
attending Cypress and the other Puget Sound Adventist Academy. 
We want to take this time to thank our church family for the support and faithfulness in providing Christian education to our children.

Submitted by Lowell Dunston, Principal of Cypress Adventist School with some editing by The Good News Letter team.

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