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Today I was doing some fall cleanup in the yard–weeding a garden that has been neglected for the past couple of months–and I got to thinking about weeds. I do not enjoy gardening and weeding, to me, seems so defeating because the weeds have a habit of always coming back. But as I went to work on the weeds in our garden I started to compare them to the weeds in my spiritual life and how, no matter how many times I try to get them under control, they have a tendency to resurface and proliferate. How, often, I avoid certain areas in our yard because I don’t want to see the work that needs to be done there, and my inclination to do the same with my spiritual life. How, no matter how much time and hard work I put into eradicating the weeds this week or month, more will eventually spring up and I will have to go through the whole process all over again.

Why is it that weeds flourish with no assistance from anyone while the flowers and fruit-bearing plants in our gardens require so much of our time and nurturing?

I am thankful for the hand-hoe, the gloves, the shears and other tools I have to facilitate the work and I imagine how difficult it would be to weed the garden in my own strength.

Three hours and two heaping wheel-barrow loads later as I look at the garden I feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s much nicer to look at and will likely be healthier because of my efforts. If I devote as much time and energy to my spiritual garden it will be healthier and more rewarding as well. The weeds will be back–I can count on it. Today I have won a small battle, but I know I will never win the war against weeds, spiritual or otherwise, in my own power. I long for the day when God delivers us to a world restored to perfection and I will never have to wrestle another weed. Until then, using the tools God has provided, I’ll just keep on weeding.

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